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Wethersfield Merch!

We are excited to announce an exclusive apparel sale. This limited-time opportunity is more than just a fundraiser; it's a chance for you to proudly wear and showcase your commitment to Wethersfield with a vintage varsity design that pays homage to our rich history as the oldest town in the state. Importantly, 100 percent of the proceeds from this campaign go directly to the Wethersfield Education Foundation. Act fast, as this exclusive sale is for two weeks only, starting March 12th and ending on March 26th.  Check out our flyer below and click this link to order now! 


Grants in Action!

November 1, 2023 @ WHS!

In Memory of Mark Granato

Author and Photographer

Charles R. Smith!


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What's Happening?

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Our Mission and Vision

The Wethersfield Education Foundation was formed to support and enrich the goals, mission, vision, and strategic plan of the Wethersfield Public Schools. We want to foster civic responsibility and engagement, support transformative learning experiences and connect to our community through collaboration. With your help, we can continue to create opportunities for independent student learning and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as empower teachers to maximize potential and promote excellence.


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