Fall Fundraiser!

Join us for a great event featuring Wethersfield High School Grad Dana Luby Neves!

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The Wethersfield Education Foundation was formed to support and enrich the goals, mission, vision, and strategic plan of the Wethersfield Public Schools. We want to foster civic responsibility and engagement, support transformative learning experiences and connect to our community through collaboration. With your help, we can continue to create opportunities for independent student learning and entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as empower teachers to maximize potential and promote excellence.

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Wethersfield Education Foundation has been able to make a positive impact on the learning of many students through the funding of technology, supplies, and events. With the help of your donations, we can continue to expand the educational opportunities of students with opportunities to gain skills and experiences that will stay with them beyond their time at Wethersfield Public Schools.

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WEF gave Emerson-Williams Elementary School a grant to purchase percussion instruments. These instruments give students the opportunity to problem solve and help each other while maintaining their individual playing responsibilities. Look at more news by clicking the button below.


At the Silas Deane Middle School a grant was given to bring authentic reading experiences to life for special education students during Academic Reading.
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The Wethersfield Education Foundation wants to support students and teachers through grants that provide materials and experiences that facilitate new learning opportunities. To learn more about our mission and visions, click the button below.