Our Mission

“The WEF is an independent 501 (c)3 organization that exists to support and enrich the goals, mission, vision and strategic plan of the Wethersfield Public Schools.”
Foster civic responsibility and engagement

Working as a team, WEF and our young people can develop initiatives to learn about the world around them and develop skills to improve themselves and society. 

Create opportunities for independent student learning and entrepreneurial endeavors

The sky is the limit for young people. We can support programs and fund initiatives that help kids connect their ideas to action. 

Empower teachers to maximize potential and promote excellence

In partnership with teachers, who know their learners and their needs, we can foster an environment where all children are able to achieve to their potential.

Connect to our community through collaboration

Finding ways to work together will allow WEF to help students take initiative and generate a plan of action, while supporting other local groups. 

Support Transformative Learning Experiences

School and learning extends far beyond the walls of the classroom. WEF can support creative ways to change lives and inspire our youth the dream big.