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The Wethersfield Education Foundation (WEF) provides grants to educators in the Wethersfield Public Schools.  Our mission is to provide support for educational projects that directly benefit students and enhance the excellence of the Wethersfield community.  Applications will be judged on their creativity and innovation as well as degree of support of the curriculum and impact on student learning.  The Foundation will prioritize grants that impact the greatest number of students.  Additionally, we are accepting grant requests from community organizations whose missions align with the Wethersfield Public Schools and will benefit the children of Wethersfield.


The WEF is currently seeking applications for a variety of grant opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year.  They are:


  • Music Initiative - up to $700.00

  • Classroom Innovation

  • School-wide Initiative

  • District-wide Initiative

  • Community Grants (Community Grants will be awarded to Wethersfield organizations that propose projects that support and enrich the goals, mission, vision, and plan of the Wethersfield Public Schools and benefit the children of Wethersfield.)


Important General Information


  • Collaboration among teachers, departments, grade level, and schools is encouraged.

  • Creativity is encouraged.

  • The more students who benefit from a grant award, the more likely it will be funded.

  • Grants with living things must include plans for year round maintenance.

  • For grants involving field trips (virtual or in-person) include date if available and all inclusive costs.




Applications can be submitted directly to the WEF by administrators, specialists, or classroom teachers, and representatives from community organizations.

Application Instructions 2023-2024 Application


Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, April 17, 2023.  The WEF will review all proposals and announce winners by Monday, May 15, 2023 with the expectation that the money will be available in June to plan for the 2023-2024 school year.


Important Information


  • All awardees must agree to allow the WEF to publicize the project on their website, the WPS website, and any other media outlets as determined by the WEF.  WEF will respect student publication guidelines.

  • Awards will be made in accordance with Board of Education policies and curriculum.

  • Final reports summarizing how the awards were spent will be due to the WEF from the recipient no later than May 30, 2024.  Prior recipients who have not submitted their grant update may not be considered for future grants.

  • Prior to any changes to an awarded grant proposal, you must request and receive approval in writing from the WEF or risk loss of funding. (Example: the performer you arranged has a family emergency and cannot reschedule).

Allowable Expenses


  • Educational Programming, such as author visits, scientists, performers, artists, etc.

  • Reusable Materials (tied to a specific project or educational goal)

  • Books for independent reading (no textbooks)

  • Technology as approved by the Wethersfield IT Department.  If you are not sure, please ask in advance. (Think robots, not iPads.)

Non-allowable Expenses


  • Refreshments

  • Teacher in-service or professional development fees

  • Teacher compensation

  • Furniture

  • On-going expenses that will continue beyond the academic year

  • Textbooks

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