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“Mad Science Virtual Assemblies”

Emerson-Williams Elementary School

This show is comprised of two m0ajor parts. The first part deals with fire and the properties of combustion! We contrast the properties of combustion with regular paper and specially treated MAD SCIENCE paper. We demonstrate fire’s use of oxygen to pull an egg “magically” into a flask! The ice half of the show uses Dry Ice to illustrate the different states of matter. We cover concepts such as solid, liquid, gas, melting, evaporation, and sublimation.  Using the dry ice we make ordinary silverware squeak, we simulate the making of soda, demonstrate the CO2 bubble bath and shower and reveal the secret behind some of Hollywood’s special effects!

Grade 4 UP, UP AND AWAY:
The overriding theme for this show is Air Pressure.  We demonstrate the force of the “ocean of air” that surrounds us at all times.  We crush a soda bottle by removing the air from within it using a vacuum pump.  We illustrate the force of air as it affects plungers.  We challenge children to separate the Magdeburg Spheres. Smoke rings fly over the audience demonstrating how our lungs work with our Vortex Generator.  Bernoulli’s Principle is explained as the force that allows birds and planes to fly and then a stream of paper is launched into the audience illustrating that principle! 

Grades 5 / 6 SPIN, POP, BOOM!:
This show illustrates several very visual scientific effects. We perform experiments that demonstrate the effect of centripetal force. Glass flasks are dropped and “magically” saved by the principle of angular momentum.  We use chemical reactions to create a Genie-in-a-bottle and an eruption of foam! We discuss sound & resonance & produce cool sounds in our versions of the Didgeridoo and an awesome Mad Science pipe organ!    

"Portable STEM Lab"

Alfred Hanmer Elementary School 

With the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it is more important than ever to provide opportunities for all students to participate in engaging science and engineering tasks that foster inquiry.  Therefore, we would like to purchase a variety of STEAM Materials which can be used year after year to be housed in a portable STEAM lab for our school community. Materials will be stored in clearly labeled bins of appropriate size.  A schedule will be created for teachers to sign out the STEAM Lab for a designated period of time. Materials will include: Qubits, Dash and Dot Robot, Paper Circuits, Makedo Toolset, Picasso Tiles, Strictly Briks

“Makerspace Creation”

Webb Elementary School

Webb will begin a Makerspace by adding robotics kits to teach coding to all Webb students. We will purchase age appropriate kids to use as enrichment: Lego Mindstorms Kits and Lego Boost Creative Toolbox​

“I See Me Libraries”

Charles Wright Elementary School

As Charles Wright continues to be the most diverse elementary school in Wethersfield, we'd like to continue to expand our grade level reading libraries to be representative of our children, their races, cultures, languages, and socio-economic diversity. Finding stories where children feel the characters are just like them can change their lives. A biography of a distinguished American can inspire the student who feels all alone in our school to be strong and courageous, steadfastly continuing to reach for great heights. We’d also like to add more children books that review civil rights and its history so our students may better understand movements that continue even now. We're looking to include books that also touch on bullying and overcoming adversity. It is our hope to continue to build our "I See Me Libraries" and the selection of books by students and teachers in the years to come!

“Tactile Reading Intervention Materials, Math Intervention Materials”

Highcrest Elementary School

Magnetic letter tiles - 4 sets $200

Word Building tiles - 1 class set (for all intervention students) $89

Blend & Diagraph Tubs - 1 set (shared for all intervention students) $79

Sight Word Steps - 1 set (shared for all intervention students) $40

Giant CVC word dice - 2 sets (shared for all intervention students) $40

Math in Practice series $549 Would benefit all students in Grade K-6

“Podcasting Studio”

Silas Deane Middle School

My vision for this grant is to bring authentic reading experiences to life for my special education students during Academic Reading (supplemental reading class for special education students that are reading below grade level). By this, I mean building a community of readers and writers (and podcasters) and empowering them through positive literary experiences. By acquiring the materials I am asking for under this grant, it would allow my students the opportunity to engage in reading, reacting to, and analyzing appropriate, high-quality, culturally-responsive novels through modes such as scripting, podcasting, interviewing, researching, and so much more.

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